by The Basewalks

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all songs written by The Basewalks


released May 25, 2015

produced by The Basewalks & Ivan Božanić

recorded, mixed & mastered by Ivan Božanić at DanMrak

drums & percussion by Tin Ostreš


tags: pop Zagreb


all rights reserved


The Basewalks Zagreb, Croatia

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Track Name: Ambience
my mind's got a-bitchin' desire
need to break this chain-of-command
need the wind to nourish the fire
death of the candlelight

how come you come rushin' now
when will you let me out
why would you break me now

this body's been put to some testin'
wanna purge this fat off of life
need the feelin' of intermittent fasting
hungry means alive

how come you come rushin' now
when will you let me out
why would you break me now

my souls been endlessly fightin'
wanna kill off this devil of i
need to change the way of how i'm perceivin'
the door's closer now

my soul's been put to some testing
need to kill off this devil of i
need the feeling of intermittent fasting
the door's closer now

how come you come rushing now
when will you let me out
why would you break me now
how could you break me now
now, could you
Track Name: J.J.
the lights caught the wind
night will get me all
the sound in my ears says revolution 9
time to let you know
have you ever let it go

why would you stop now
never let it flow
will you be fine
how's you decide now
oh, get high

rule the happy state
join the silent stream
ignorance is all
the music of the future's right by your side
if you want it
only if you want it all

hello, the moon is low
you have to play it delicate and slow
before the new dawn where you'll be standin' all alone
blow, the sail's are up
get ready for the show

come with us down south
you're the tender kind
come and follow
you're fahrenheit

come with us down south
it's so much fun
down the gutter
social cyanide
Track Name: Now
brain's monkey zoo's been freakin' out
all the voices gather 'round
the fusion of the sounds lays now with the birds flyring away

from this position we can see that life has been runnin' in the most simple way at the perfect pace
so simple like a crystallite
this position reveals the crack that's gonna break the fiddle on both sides

who put that willow tree inside the cage
i was so sure i didn't
this poignant reminder of the passing of the time

do you wanna last forever
in those windy days of never alive

the sun is blocked again
shadin' from far away

sailin' on, the sound position
oh salin' on, the sound position

stay up for the finals
i see the way around you
these little words, are they gonna stay inside you

let's rip down all of the sideways
all the lost stories from the front row of this comic show
something's always on

tomorrow lasts forever
those window-days of never again

the sun is blocked again
shadin' from far away
drawings on the wall of veins are startin' to fade away

sometimes, when we see all sides
we'll be far beyond
sometimes when we go high
sometimes is now
Track Name: Beacon
sweet & down low
defeated, but for how long
if i feed it, will it grow
take it easy, now, flow

dear, it's not your fault just pass the buck
leaving on the next train, love is casual
death is optional, it's never too early to wake up

restin' in my isolation

take it easy now
it's just for a while

wastin' all my solemnization

working on my song
it seems it takes too long
bring it on

it's not like i mean it
said it loud
it's not like i mean it
tearin' it down
just save it, girl

the line after the line, it's all narrow
it's alright to decide
just save it for later

pull me down, we will celebrate our pact
sweet like honey, won't hesitate
can't resist your forwardness

it's not like i mean it
tending t'all that howlin' dogs
Track Name: Auf
auf wiedersehen
bon voyage
enjoy your stay
slow down
tender is the game
join up
always know your play
and have some fun